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About Yamaguchi

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About Yamaguchi Empty About Yamaguchi

Post by sLn on Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:04 am

About Yamaguchi Yamaguchi

The Yamaguchi Triad group. This gang used to be well known in Tokyo,
And by well known I mean feared upon, They was the most dangerous gang
on the streets. People knew that one screw up with the triads, and they're
life is ended. Yamaguchi got into a bit of money trouble, they bought ammunation
with the cash, that wasn't theres.. A new gang moved into Tokyo trying to take
over anything and everything. They passed, They took over not just Tokyo, but most
of Japan. The members wasn't very happy about this. War broke out.
The furious battle lasted 6 months, and then the shocking moment happend,
Wu Zi Mu was shot, shot so much that there wasnt even the slightest possibility
of survival. Yamaguchi knew that the only way to stop anymore trouble in Japan,
was to leave. They fled as soon as they could, they started a new life in San Fierro,
San Andreas where they found a nice quiet town, and a little ally with a garage and
enough room for some vehicles. You'd think that after the leader had passed, that the
group would have split and never seen eachother again, but Wu Zi Mu's right hand man
took over, His name is sLn(and Adman), and you can usually find him kidnapping people and doing
buisness, that you shouldn't know about. Be careful, Yamaguchi are always armed... You've
been warned.

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