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Yamaguchi - Test

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Yamaguchi - Test Empty Yamaguchi - Test

Post by sLn on Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:53 am

Yamaguchi - Test Fkjhgbdfgdfig

Y testing scheme!

The previous methods of testing were too Easy so I made another Training Scheme.So those who want to join the gang should pass the following Tests.

Sword Duel.
1- All Yamaguchi Members should know how to use a Sword.

2- U have to Kill the Dai Dai Lo/Half of health.

Car Test.
3- Keep up with Dai Dai Lo.Don't fall in Traps.
4- Try to lose the DDL/If u can't,the condition is to not destroy the car.
5- Shoot the other car from passenger seat*,when someone else drives.
6- Someone will shoot Your car.The condition is to drive the car as much as You can.

7- Keep up with the Person who test's U.
8- Shoot from Bike.Have to shoot some targets.

Role Play.
9- Do some RP,something like Robbing a bank.(Necessary)

Knowledge of the SA Map.
10- I'll tell You to go in a certain location(Somewhere Far),and there You will meet with a Y Member/Dai Dai Lo.
I hope this is not so Hard.
It's required to pass 7 tests(or more),if u fail more then 3= automatically kicked.

Current members will be tested too.Who does not want to do the test will automatically be kicked.

For u,sLn!

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